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20 Best PHP Books For Web Development

The largest and most popular web programming language has to be PHP. It’s been around since the 90s and has powered the majority of popular websites including Digg, Facebook, and every WordPress blog you know. Learning PHP is […]

10 Best Books For Learning Symfony & Modern PHP Workflows

Learning PHP is pretty simple once you understand basics like variables, functions, and loops. But PHP design patterns and frameworks like Symfony are much harder to learn because they’re not singular concepts. Fortunately there are tons of books […]

10 Books To Learn WordPress Theming From Scratch

The basics of WordPress are easy enough to learn on your own. You can pick up any free tutorial or video guide and dig into the WordPress dashboard with ease. But theming is a much deeper subject. This […]

Best CakePHP Books To Learn & Master The Framework

The huge variety of PHP frameworks can be intimidating. I recently covered the best books for Laravel and in this post I’d like to share my favorite books for learning the CakePHP framework. This is a fairly older […]

Best Laravel Books From Beginner To Advanced PHP Development

Among all the open source PHP frameworks I’m willing admit that Laravel is easily my favorite. It hasn’t been around too long but it has changed the way many people write PHP for the better. Learning Laravel can […]

Best Zend Framework Books For PHP Developers

Open source frameworks reduce the details to make web development a lot simpler. One of the oldest PHP frameworks is Zend, an open source project with thousands of contributors. Learning Zend obviously requires a foundation in PHP development. […]

Book Review: Drupal for Designers by Dani Nordin

With Automattic’s WordPress dominating the CMS market it can be tough finding the courage to pick up Drupal. It is great and open source, but also tough for a beginner. But since Drupal for Designers is aimed at […]

Kliqqi Replaces The Pligg Social News CMS

After the recent sale & abandonment of Pligg CMS, users were left with a platform that was unstable and seemingly never to be updated again. That is until Kliqqi was announced as the official successor to Pligg. It’s […]

Composer v1.0.0 Debuts With A Collector’s Edition Floppy Disk

Earlier this month Composer v1.0.0 was released for public download on GitHub. This update was pushed five years to the day that composer was first created(April 5th, 2011). The release was published by Jordi Boggiano, one of Composer’s […]

Pagekit CMS Pushes Their v1.0 Release Public

Open source PHP CMS engine Pagekit finally announced their public v1.0 release. The CMS recently underwent a major overhaul updating from the beta version last summer. Their 1.0 public release comes at a time of great support from […]