Infographic: Mobile Design Advice & Inspiration From Expert Designers

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Mobile design is a challenging field. You have to consider user experience principles and device interaction guidelines, all mixed into a GUI that follows traditional design elements. After a while these requirements can slowly sap your creativity from the design process.

But finding inspiration is often just a shift in perspective. You need to know where to look and how to think to find the answers you need.

This infographic designed by Y Media Labs contains excerpts and tidbits from industry leaders at companies like InVision and Digital Telepathy. They offer quality design advice for anyone in search of inspiration and new ideas for a mobile UI/UX project.

mobile design advice infographic
An original design from Y Media Labs

Author: Matteo Gasparello

Matteo is in charge of digital marketing for Y Media Labs, one of the top app development companies in the US. He's always searching for great content, best practices and case studies about the world of mobile design.