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Best Salt and SaltStack Books

The Salt platform is an open source Python config management solution for automation and deployment. It’s a somewhat newer open source project comparable to Chef or Ansible. Salt and the SaltStack are easy to debug if you know […]

Best Elasticsearch Books From Beginner To Expert

Custom search features are the norm with a Lucene-powered Elasticsearch application. This is one of the most popular open source search tools but it’s also tricky to just pick up and learn. In this post I’ve curated the […]

Top 10 Best Redis Books

Many developers use Redis as a memory cache system for database queries. It allows devs to pull DB queries and store them in memory to cut down on future queries. It’s a powerful platform that can really improve […]

Best Hbase Books For Beginners

Apache is known for its open source ideology with dozens of incredible tools for developers and system administrators. Hbase is one such tool built on top of Java and powered by the Hadoop project. To learn Hbase you’ll […]

Best Books For Learning Apache Solr

The Java-based search platform Apache Solr is fast and incredibly powerful. It’s mostly used by enterprise servers to handle searches through local databases and even return relevant content from other sources. But learning Apache Solr from scratch is […]

Top 10 Books For Learning JIRA

Very few bug management platforms offer the same quality as JIRA. It’s one of the few premium tools that works in the cloud and can apply to all types of development from desktop software to mobile apps. But […]

Top 10 Books For Mastering NoSQL Databases

The majority of databases rely on relation structures but there are many powerful non-SQL database engines gaining traction. NoSQL is a catch-all term for modern non-relational database models. MongoDB and Cassandra are two great examples. But understanding NoSQL […]

Best Ansible Books For Beginners

Server admins and devops teams alike both have reason to pick up Ansible. This automation software can help you debug, deploy, and maintain huge networks with very simple toolkits. The biggest upside to Ansible is that it’s fairly […]

Best Books For Learning Docker From Scratch

Docker is a program that could be described in three words: deployment made easy. But it goes beyond simple project deployment to include data replication and even custom environments in a container. This technology can be complicated for […]

Best Books For Learning Apache Spark

In 2010 Apache open sourced a big data framework called Apache Spark. It’s one of their most popular frameworks to date and with the Apache community supporting its development I have a feeling it’ll be around for years […]

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