100+ College & University Websites For Design Inspiration

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I recently did a lengthy post on high school web design looking at popular trends found in primary school websites. This led me into looking at college sites which often have a more detailed approach to design.

There are lots of similarities to be found in all educational websites. But colleges need to sell the institution to prospective students while also helping current students find vital information.

Take a peek at the gallery below with over 100 different college websites. This is undeniably the largest college website inspiration gallery on the net and it’s bound to have some really captivating designs.

University of Washington

university of washington uw

University of Ontario

university ontario website


rhode island school of design


harvard college website

Bob Jones University

bob jones university website

University of Melbourne

university of melbourne website


School of Visual Arts

Bay State College

bay state college website


northwestern university


davidson college site

Brooklyn College

brooklyn college website

York University

york university website

University of Canberra

university canberra

University of Pennsylvania

penn university

Delaware Valley University

delaware university website

Duke University

duke university website

Middlesex University

london middlesex uni

Cornell University

cornell university website

Deakin University

deakin uni website

Leeds Beckett

leeds beckett university

University of Auckland

new zealand auckland uni

FZD School of Design

fzd school of design website

University of Toronto

university of toronto site


worcester polytec institute

La Trobe University

la trobe uni website

Dalhousie University

dalhousie uni

University of Michigan

michigan university

Universift of Chicago

chicago uni

Georgia Tech

georgia tech website

University of Wisconsin–Madison

wisconsin madison uni


new york university

University of Florida

florida uni


australian catholic uni

Drexel University

drexel university website

Western University

western university website


unsw australia college

Stonehill College

stonehill college site

Brown University

brown university site


school art institute chicago

Stanford University

stanford college website


flinders university website

Warwick University

warwick uni website


calarts website

University of Alberta

university of alberta

Pratt Institute

pratt institute

Seoul University

seoul national university

Rochester University

rochester uni website

Clemson University

clemson uni website

University of Trento

university of trento

University of Bristol

bristol university

University of Calgary

university calgary website

Queen Mary University

queen mary uni website


university of ottawa

London School of Economics

london economics uni

RMIT University

rmit uni website

Oberlin College

oberlin website

Macquarie University

macquarie university

Brock University

brock uni website

University of East Anglia

east anglia university

University of Waikato

waikato uni website

University of Glasgow

glasgow university

Manchester University

manchester uni website

Coventry University

coventry uni website

University of Salford

salford manchester website


simon fraser university website

Loughborough University

loughborough univrsity

Trent University

trent uni website

Belmont University

belmont uni website

Purdue University

purdue university

University of Canterbury

university of canterbury

Sheffeld Hallam University

sheffeld hallam uni

University of Dundee

dundee uni

Heriot-Watt University

heriot watt uni

Monash College

monash college website

Strathclyde Glasgow

strathclyde glasgow uni

University of Adelaide

adelaide uni website

University of Bath

university of bath website

De Montfort University

de montfort uni

University of Huddersfield

huddersfield university

University of Wollongong

wollongong university australia

King’s College

kings college of london

SP Jain

sp jain college

Los Angeles Film School

la film school site


scad college arts

University of Notre Dame

notre dame uni

George Washington University

george washington uni site

University of Cambridge

cambridge university site

Sheffield University

sheffield university site

Ohio State University

ohio state uni site

University of Virginia

university of virginia site

South Australia University

sau south australia uni


vanderbilt uni site


dartmouth website

Curtin University

curtain university website

University of Texas

austin texas university

Griffith University

griffith uni website

Emory University

emory university


swineburne uni technology

Western Australia Polytechnic

western australia polytec college

University of Colorado

uni colorado boulder

University of Otago

otago university

Lincoln University

college university website

Edinburgh Napier

edinburgh napier uni

University of Tasmania

tasmania university website

University of Minnesota

minnesota uni

Bond University

bond university layout

Carey Baptist College

carey baptist college site

Victoria University of Wellington

wellington university website

Texas A&M University

texas am uni website

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