Ramotion offers Photorealistic Apple Device Mockups for UI Designers

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Device mockups are a hot commodity in the design world. They can be used for showcasing UI mockups on realistic devices from smartphones to tablets and even computer monitors.

There are dozens of device mockups online with more released every month. But the highest-quality mockups often rise to the top and Ramotion is working hard to produce these.

Recently the creative team at Ramotion put up their own digital store offering photorealistic device mockups.

ramotion store apple device mockups

At the moment they’re offering Apple device mockups for the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, along with the Apple Watch.

All mockups come with layered PSDs for easily-swappable screen templates. You can showcase anything from mobile apps to mobile responsive websites. Each graphic is also made of 100% vector elements so you can scale them to any size without any quality loss.

Large tech companies have used Ramotion’s mockups including TechCrunch, Product Hunt, and even Google.

Their best PSD pack is the Apple Watch + iPhone 6 Plus set. This comes with 10 different Apple Watch styles and 3 front-view iPhone 6 Plus modals in black, white and gold.

ramotion apple watch psd templates

Note you can download a free demo of all their PSD packs to see how they work. Try out the demo PSDs in a project and see how they work before you go back for the full set.

So far Ramotion has released three incredible PSD packs:

If you want to stay on top of future device releases by Ramotion then visit their store and sign up for the newsletter. It’s completely free and only sends news updates when they happen.

Also to see the type of quality you should expect please visit Ramotion’s Dribbble page. Their shots feature talented high-quality work and prove that Ramotion is one of the best digital creative agencies out there.

Author: Jaime Morrison

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