Material Design on Android with the React Native Material Library

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A new free open source library allows developers to build React Native applications with material design components.

The React Native material library is a project on GitHub created by Elliot Hesp. Google’s material design has become a staple with Java-based apps running Google’s native SDK.

This library allows devs to create native-looking UIs on top of a reliable JS framework.

react native material design library screenshot

React Native is a powerful framework that allows JS developers to create native applications for smartphones. This library offers a series of components which connect into React Native applications. The components mimic Google’s material design specs without relying on Google as a source provider.

This material library is easy to install with Node Package Manager. You’ll just need two dependencies to get this running:

To see how this works check out the demo app included within the library. You can test it out with a real Android device or an emulated image on your computer.

To build your own interfaces just visit the GitHub page for all the documentation. You’ll find working code snippets for each component in the library such as toolbars, checkboxes, radio buttons, avatar icons, and a whole lot more.

Author: Jaime Morrison

Jaime is a jr. designer interested in mobile UI/UX research and frontend web development with JavaScript frameworks. He covers general news and useful resources in the web design space.