Star Wars In Your Browser With Pure CSS

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The Force Awakens was on the lips of every person from lifelong Star Wars fans to their grandmothers who told them to go see a star war. The picture came through strong with some fans rewatching the film seven times.

Since it appears Star Wars is fresh in our psyche, I’ve collected some neat CodePen snippets built with pure CSS code.

Many of these are classic Star Wars characters, but you’ll also find a couple creative web features with a Star Wars slant. All of these codes are open source to copy and play with to your liking. Enjoy!

AT-AT Walker

R2D2 in Motion

The Force Awakens

Large AT-AT

Lightsaber Checkboxes


Death Star

Three-Bar Menu Animation

Sleepy Yoda

Author: Jaime Morrison

Jaime is a jr. designer interested in mobile UI/UX research and frontend web development with JavaScript frameworks. He covers general news and useful resources in the web design space.