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Top 10 MariaDB Books For Developers

MariaDB is the open source equivalent to MySQL having been forked from that original codebase. It has grown rapidly in the past few years and tons of developers are flocking to this database engine as an alternative for […]

Best Hbase Books For Beginners

Apache is known for its open source ideology with dozens of incredible tools for developers and system administrators. Hbase is one such tool built on top of Java and powered by the Hadoop project. To learn Hbase you’ll […]

Top 10 Books For Mastering NoSQL Databases

The majority of databases rely on relation structures but there are many powerful non-SQL database engines gaining traction. NoSQL is a catch-all term for modern non-relational database models. MongoDB and Cassandra are two great examples. But understanding NoSQL […]

Best SQLite Books For Developers & Database Admins

Where do you start when studying a new database engine? There are so many choices, the most popular of which is MySQL but this isn’t always the best one to go with. I recently covered the top books […]

Best PostgreSQL Books For Teaching Yourself Database Management

PostgreSQL is a unique DB system with a big focus on scalable architecture. Many backend developers pick up MySQL as their first engine because it comes by default on most hosting providers. But PostgreSQL is a more versatile […]