InVision Labs Announces Craft: A Free UI Plugin for Sketch and Photoshop

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InVision just announced a free UI design plugin named Craft. It’s completely free for both Sketch and Photoshop made to accelerate your workflow.

Craft offers time-saving content building features for screen designers. It can auto-populate realistic data like usernames, dates, cities, even content pulled from real websites online.

This is the first of many upcoming projects to be released under InVision Labs, a recently-announced incubator by InVision made for producing design tools & resources.

invision labs craft preview

Once installed, Craft adds its own panel with tabbed options for easy access. This can be hidden or dragged around just like any other panel.

The two biggest features of Craft are populating data and duplicating data.

You can auto-populate a series of user profiles with avatar photos and realistic-looking data. But you can also automate this process to fill up a list of user profiles, like on a friends list or search page design.

Duplicated content is rendered with pixel-perfect precision and can include any element(s) you wish.

invision craft add-on for photoshop

Take a peek at the Craft landing page to learn more about these features. Remember this plugin is(and will remain) completely free for life.

In fact this appears to be InVision’s goal with their launch of InVision Labs:

LABS is an in-house incubator working on tools and products designed to support product designers and streamline the screen design process. More products like Craft will be coming from the LABS team soon.

Products like these, offered freely to the design community, empower designers and their organizations. That’s what we’re all about.

InVision is determined to release many more tools just like Craft in the coming months and years. But in the meantime you can download Craft for free and see how it fits into your UI design workflow.

And if you still feel lost this promo video should clear things up.

Author: Jaime Morrison

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