Learn To Create UI Animations with Principle & Sketch

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UI/UX animations are popular amongst designers but they’re tricky to make. I recently found this video teaching how to craft animations with Sketch and Principle for Mac.

The 10-minute video tutorial is provided by Sketchapp TV. The site is safe-haven for designers flocking to Sketch as a better alternative than bloated Adobe products.

If you have time I highly recommend browsing their entire video collection on YouTube. Some topics are shorter and more basic than others, but you’ll find lots of gems to improve your Sketch knowledge.

One reason I’m writing about this video is because it’s so direct, and because it covers a topic I rarely see taught online. UI/UX animation is a big part of modern design. After Effects or Principle are programs that all interface designers should grow to understand. But it takes time and practice to learn, which is why I’m hoping this video can offer insight into the process of interface animation.

And if you want to learn more Sketch design tips then definitely visit Sketchapp.tv.


Author: Jaime Morrison

Jaime is a jr. designer interested in mobile UI/UX research and frontend web development with JavaScript frameworks. He covers general news and useful resources in the web design space.