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Best Full-Stack Development Books

The fastest growing web career path has to be full-stack development. This covers everything in web development from the frontend(HTML/CSS/JS) to the backend(programming + databases). If you’re daring enough to attempt full-stack development then you’ll want some resources […]

Top 15 DevOps Books For Teaching Yourself

The world of DevOps is a mix between IT/sysadmin work along with software engineering. It encompasses both worlds and brings them together into one discipline. As you can imagine this is a huge topic with a lot to […]

15 Best MySQL Books For Developers & DBAs

The most popular relational database for the web is MySQL. It’s a free open source project that has been around for years so it’s definitely worth learning. But there’s also many levels of MySQL from basic web development […]

18 Best C++ Books For All Skill Levels

You can do so much with C++ that the possibilities are practically endless. It’s an extremely versatile language that’s used in game development, desktop software, and even server programs. If you wanna dive into C++ then you’ll want […]

Best Perl Books For Programmers: The Ultimate Collection

System administrators will vouch for the importance of Perl. It’s a very detailed language that has been around for decades and isn’t likely going anywhere. Learning Perl can be a long process but you can speed up that […]

20 Best PHP Books For Web Development

The largest and most popular web programming language has to be PHP. It’s been around since the 90s and has powered the majority of popular websites including Digg, Facebook, and every WordPress blog you know. Learning PHP is […]

Top 15 Microsoft SQL Server Books

There are dozens of database engines out there and MS SQL Server is one of the better ones. It’s designed to run on Microsoft servers so it typically works well for .NET applications. But there are plenty of […]

Best Python Books For Beginning & Intermediate Programmers

The Python language is great for coding software, building websites, and for general server scripting. It’s an all-around incredible language and it’s often a preferred language for developers. Getting into Python doesn’t have to be a challenge and […]

Top 20 Books For UX Designers & Interaction Designers

User experience design is a rapidly growing industry and there’s always room for more talent. You might want to learn UX design just for your own projects or to help your web design clients improve their websites. That’s […]

Best Books On Algorithms and Data Structures For Programmers

Algorithms can be a pain in the butt to learn on your own. The subject matter is huge and pretty deep too. Thankfully there are plenty of books written by programmers and professors that can help anyone learn. […]