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10 Best Windows PowerShell Books

Windows PowerShell is one of the most prominent CLI environments. This is perhaps the default CLI for anyone on Windows and even though Win10 allows Bash I still think PowerShell will hold its ground for many years to […]

Book Review: Windows PowerShell in Action by Bruce Payette

The PowerShell console environment is growing larger by the year with a huge community of users, myself included. This is one beast of a platform and it’s something I use frequently in my development workflow. I’ve noticed that […]

Book Review: PowerShell in Depth 2nd Edition

If you’re beyond the basics with PowerShell then you may not be sure where to go next. Intro books are too light, but advanced PowerShell-specific books are quite rare. PowerShell in Depth targets intermediate-level and advanced users who […]

Is TypeScript Worth Learning For Web Development?

TypeScript is defined as a superset of JavaScript, which means it behaves identical to JavaScript but with extra stuff added on. The language hasn’t been around too long but it’s already quite popular in the dev community. It […]

Bing’s newest logo redesign goes green

In 2009 Microsoft got into the realm of search with Bing. The incipient logo was somewhat cheesy but lovable. Then in 2013 MS published a drastic redesign changing the text style, adding a polygon shape and forcing a […]