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Nintendo Gaming Consoles in Pure CSS

CSS has come to the point where developers can build graphics right in a web browser. These can be made with polygons and DIVs or even SVGs. This gallery features real Nintendo console graphics from classic NES to […]

Could Umbrella JS Become The New jQuery?

jQuery has slowly become the most trusted library for writing expeditious JavaScript. But could Umbrella JS become the newest JS resource for frontend developers? Created by developer Francisco Presencia, this open source library offers many of the same […]

Social News CMS Platform Pligg Is Done & Buried

The open source Digg clone Pligg has officially shut down. It was sold to a marketing agency on December 16th, 2015 for a price just north of $50,000. Pligg first launched in 2005 and has been running for […]

Takeoff: A Free Google Primer-Styled Landing Page Template

Hong Kong creative agency Brew recently published a free mobile app landing page named Takeoff. It’s based on the landing page for Google Primer which uses custom animations and fixed scrolling. The full download can be found on […]

BuddyPress 2.5 Supports Custom Emails With A New Email API

With the release of BuddyPress 2.5 beta comes a bunch of new features like emoji support and a brand new e-mail API. This news comes straight from the BuddyPress dev team’s support ticket which explains e-mails will be […]

Use the Semantic UI Framework for building natural website layouts

Frontend frameworks have become the staple for quick design projects. The big contenders like Bootstrap and Foundation get plenty of attention, but there are lots of great alternatives. Semantic UI is an open source alternative which offers beautiful […]

Material Design on Android with the React Native Material Library

A new free open source library allows developers to build React Native applications with material design components. The React Native material library is a project on GitHub created by Elliot Hesp. Google’s material design has become a staple […]

Pokémon Graphics Rendered in Pure HTML/CSS

The year was 1998 and a crazy new video game just hit American shelves. Pokémon was an instant success and to this day continues to drive a new generation of fans with their growing library of video games […]